Road Traffic

Hutchison Law offers professional legal advice, information and representation for a range of
motoring offences including careless driving, dangerous driving, speeding, and drink driving.

If you have been charged with any road traffic related offence or have been served a notice of

intended prosecution, your chances will be improved if you are represented by a specialist motoring offence solicitor. We will do everything the law permits to significantly improve the likelihood you will avoid a driving disqualification and, even if you plead guilty, mitigate any driving penalties you incur.



This is perhaps the most common offence you could be charged with. Penalty points range from 3 to 6 and in some cases you can be disqualified outright. You may be given a fixed penalty notice. You will be given 28 days to decide if you want to accept the 3 penalty points and fine. If not the Prosecution will ave to prove their case.


Drink driving?


Morally, no one condones these offences. BUT, did the police follow the law? This is a very serious offence carrying a minimum period of 1 years disqualification or 3 years if you have a previous conviction within the last 10 years. The court can impose large fines and in the most serious cases a period of imprisonment.

Caught on the phone?


The use of a mobile phone while driving is one of the 3 most common road traffic law offences in Scotland. Many of the country’s motorists have a dismissive attitude to such an offence, refusing to acknowledge the dangers which can arrive if they talk/text while driving.

For many of our clients in these cases, a relatively small fine is not the issue. A mobile phone fines will see your license endorsed with 3 penalty points: often resulting in a ‘totting up ban’. Though the use of mobile phones
is extremely distracting, manyinnocent drivers can and will be stopped by the police
and charged with drive while using a mobile phone.

If you believe you have been issued with a mobile phone fines and are not guilty of the offence then contact Hutchison Law and the Road Traffic Law team for a free consultation.


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